While Croatia is a favorite summertime destination within Europe, it’s highly underrated on the international scene.

For many years, it was ignored in favor of Spain, France, Italy, and the other major draws of Western Europe — or so it was until Game of Thrones!

Since then, people around the world have had the opportunity to see the countless wonders of this magical place along the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

From nature scapes to foodie delights to romantic castles, Croatia is a patchwork of all of my favorite things in the world.

Dubrovnik is definitely a must-see, but there is so much more to Croatia! To truly dig into the unique local culture and see the diversity of the people in this magical county, keep on traveling!

For the best of this Eastern European gem, here are 10 places to visit in Croatia (that aren’t Dubrovnik).


Planning Tip

Forget deciding between a winter or summer excursion! In Croatia, the year is divided into high season, low season, and shoulder season.

To find your perfect time, choose your adventure.  Want a city break? A beach getaway? A spa retreat?

Grab my guide to the Best Time to Go to Croatia to decide on your perfect moment.


Just south of Italy you will find the ultimate gourmet getaway: the oh-so-delicious region of Istria is a foodie wonderland.

I ate and drank my way from top to bottom and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since. As much as I love Italian food, Istria holds its own amongst the greatest culinary districts in the world.

In the heart of it all, you’ll find Pula.

As the biggest city in Istria, this is a prime base for exploring the wider region. It has a fascinating blend of Roman, Venetian, and Austro-Hungarian influences that you can see and feel through the city.

Split Croatia


This vibrant city in Dalmatia (yes, that’s where those cute spotted pups got their name!) is a beach lover’s dream.

Soak in the sun then go explore one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments at the Unesco World Heritage Site of Diocletian’s Palace.

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and is a must-see. Famous for its ancient city center, the beautiful architecture here will take your breath away.


Croatia’s capital city has long been a transport hub where the Mediterranean region meets Central and Southeastern Europe.

Wander the old town and take in the fascinating history of this historically crucial trading point.

The best thing about visiting the capital? Zagreb has beautiful spaces on par with Prague, Vienna, or Budapest but without any of the overcrowded tourist traps.


A scene straight out of a fairy tale, visiting Krka National Park is the perfect retreat.

Walk amongst the hundreds of waterfalls pouring into emerald green pools and take in the incredible biodiversity here. Bring your camera and walking shoes then make an afternoon of it.


This was a key city during ancient, medieval, and Renaissance times. The diverse range of people who have called Zadar home has left a rich cultural heritage.

For nature lovers, the hidden bays and diverse wildlife mean that there are plenty of great day trips to be had here.


Choose your adventure on this Adriatic Sea island. Explore the 13th-century walls surrounding the port town and learn about the history of the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral—or party until dawn at one of the countless hotspots here!

Hvar was one of the stops on The Yacht Week Croatia and we had a once-in-a-lifetime party experience.


On the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, you’ll find the charming cobbled streets of this fishing port.

One of the best (and most budget-friendly!) honeymoon destinations in the world, this romantic getaway will steal your heart.


Just off the Dalmatian coast, you’ll find this island of thick forests, famous vineyards, and lines of olive groves.

Taste your way around the many farm-to-table restaurants.

Wander around the best-preserved medieval city center of the Adriatic. Lie on the beach and watch the world go by. Let the day guide you and plan plenty of time to explore.

Truffles Croatia


Explore the Istria region as a whole! You could easily spend a week just sampling the fresh gnocchi, famous prosciutto, and feasting on the catch of the day.

People come from all over the globe to sample the locally produced sweet wines and trek the dense forest to find those world-class truffles.

Explore the best of the best in my Istria Complete Guide.

Literally can’t pull yourself from the sea? Here are the sailing destinations in Croatia that you’re going to love!

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