Pre-rolls are a top seller in American and Canadian markets. They’re convenient to smoke, affordable, and often a great way for retailers to move bulk flower at a higher margin. 

They’re also becoming a hot sector for innovation because filling cones by hand is laborious, slow, and inconsistent. 

Several companies are rolling out new technology to modernize the pre-roll process. Let’s take a look at a few of the latest innovations that drew crowds at MJBizCon 2022.

STM Canna Cone Lander

The Cone Lander is a pre-roll loading machine capable of producing 72 pre-rolled cones in just seconds. It’s part of STM’s complete one-tray pre-roll automation system. 

All together, STM’s system can help businesses produce tens of thousands of pre-rolls a day. The one-tray workflow allows producers to automate every step of production from grind to close. 

The Lander’s small footprint and one-button operation were popular talking points with MJBizCon attendees, according to STM COO Erik Blackerby.

He added, “[The Lander] will save production many hours in hand-loading trays with empty paper cones.”

Jiko Robot by Sorting Robotics

Pre-rolls are the perfect outlet for less-than-perfect flower. Lower potency, a tad dry, mostly shake — there are plenty of reasons why pre-rolls are a sneaky sales tactic. 

But, consumers still want a quality smoking experience that packs a punch in the potency department. Infused pre-rolls offer exactly that.

The Jiko Robot automates the process with just one operator, turning regular joints into power-packed pre-rolls.

Any pre-roll or blunt can be infused with meltable concentrates such as live rosin or resin, badder, distillate, CBD, high-terpene extract, sauce, delta-8, or whatever else the producer desires.

Sorting Robotics showed off the tech at MJBiz to an eager audience of engineers, retailers, and manufacturers. 

RollPros Blackbird

Most pre-rolls are packed rather than filled. That’s where RollPros sets itself apart. 

The Blackbird is an automated pre-roll machine that offers a hand-rolled experience. Its “rolled, not packed,” approach creates uniform, consistent joints without cones. 

It’s like having your very own Tommy Chong cranking out joints from a little metal box. Its one-operator system has a small footprint and works with any grind.

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