A simple piece of advice, but one we often forget to follow. “Embrace beauty practices that feel natural and organic to you,” she says. Take it from me, someone who is encouraged to try every product, 20-step routine, and treatment under the sun: You don’t need to succumb the pressure to try every trendy, social media-pushed ideology that makes a splash. Just do what speaks to you and serves you!

And honing in on those rituals is about being self-aware of your habits. Take stock of what you do daily. “You should also be cognizant of why you’re doing it, the ways you’re presenting yourself, your intentions, and motivations,” she says, noting that this is true of all people—no matter if you are someone who considers themselves a beauty minimalist or are someone who regularly does a full beat of makeup. 

And this advice has a practical end to it: You’re more likely to stick to a routine if you enjoy it and it makes you feel good about yourself. “If you are doing something that doesn’t feel good to you, it’s harder to keep up,” she says. 

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