For years, we’ve chosen our supplements based on a stroll down the supplement aisle or a scroll on Instagram. We’ve followed trends, scoured Google, and copy-pasted what has worked for our BFF. The rise of personalized supplements has us asking new questions—like, what’s the best way to know what my body needs? 

These days, getting our personalized supplements through questionnaires alone is simply old-school thinking. We now know that our bodies are intelligent superorganisms, constantly sending signals about the foods and nutrients it needs—based on our inner ecosystems and surrounding environments. Supplements are one of the answers to that signal, giving our bodies what they need to help them function properly. But this dialogue varies from person to person. Luckily, we now have the at-home tests and incredible advancements in science and health tech to figure out our individual needs… So, isn’t it time to raise the bar on our supplement routine? 

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