Lack of sleep and chronic stress can also lead to a decrease in ceramide production, Bowe says. “We know that ceramides are so important when it comes to a healthy skin barrier—trapping and holding that moisture in your skin,” she continues.

“So if your skin is really dry and you’re wondering why, and you’re putting tons of moisturizer on and drinking all this water, then it might be the stress,” Bowe explains.

Ceramides are lipids found naturally in the skin3 that help keep your skin hydrated and act as the “glue” that holds your skin together—which is why they’re so essential. Your internal production of ceramides also decreases with age4, which can contribute to increased dryness.

The market is chock-full of ceramide creams and serums to support the skin from the outside in, and again, you can opt for science-backed supplements for even more support.

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