A bold cat-eye can help elongate any eye shape—but for downturned eyes, two routes take you there. 

Compton suggests making the liner wing more straight and thick. “When you look down, you should have a straight line, not a curved hook shape,” she says. This squares off the eye, which makes it appear more even. For even more lift, she recommends applying a dark colored liner in your outer lower waterline. 

Or, you can flick the wing upwards towards your brow (like a traditional cat-eye), but draw your line just before the corners start to slant downwards, rather than at the very end of your eye. “Then to amp it up, use a concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin, go right next to the liner, and it will lift it even more,” makeup artist Criss Scortezzsays in a quick TikTok demonstration. 

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