Designed for daytime, indoor use, these blue light glasses feature polarized, visibly yellow lenses that block 75% of blue light. The lenses are scratch-resistant and designed to filter out blue light (or, as the brand aptly calls it: “junk light”), to help you achieve a better night’s sleep. These glasses are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day—and they come with a case that’s easy to toss in your bag if you’re traveling or on the go. 

What customers say: 

With an overall 4.3 out of five-star rating and 55 reviews on Amazon, most feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Some reviewers find these glasses to be a bit clunky, and note that colors appear distorted while wearing them. With that in mind, another says they’re not noticeable (even over prescription glasses), going on to write, “I’m really liking these glasses – I’m one of those people who works on the computer 10 hours a day, and eye strain was becoming an issue – the moment I put these on, I felt it, my eyes instantly felt better, relieved. Thought I was imagining it at first, but now I think it’s real – these really do make a difference.”

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