This hair type comes with big waves, but they never quite form into an S curl—at least not consistently. “Even though 2c hair doesn’t fall into the ‘curly’ category on the hair type chart, it can be treated similarly to 3a hair, which is hair that has a loose, true curl,” Olivia explains. 

“Type 2c hair has a strong wave pattern, and depending on the density of the hair, can look anywhere from light waves to beachy waves, to near-true curls,” Olivia says. 

If you have fine and thin 2c hair, then you may see waves starting one to two inches from the root, while the hair right at the follicle will appear straight. Thick 2c hair, on the other hand, may have more lift at the root given that there’s more hair on your head, Olivia explains. 

When categorizing your hair type as 2c, you might find it difficult as sporadic S-shaped curls can certainly appear in your mane. You’ll want to gauge your head as a whole, taking into account the general wave shape. In fact, those random curls may be a dead giveaway of 2c hair—as it’s playing the field between wavy and curly. 

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