It’s clockwork at this point: As the summer rages on, so, too, does oil and sweat. For your hair, this may mean limp strands that fall flat at the root or an itchy, inflamed scalp from all the buildup. Perhaps you increase your shampoo schedule, but your hair still remains greasy and dull. 

If this all paints a familiar picture, you’ll be happy to know we have a tried-and-tested answer. Two words, ten letters, one healthy head of hair: scalp scrub. While you can snag both chemical or physical options, the latter can really lift all that oil, leftover product, and overall gunk that seems to stay put in the summer. (A similar reason why oil-prone folks may gravitate toward face scrubs in the warmer months to control summer breakouts.) 

And because we love (gentle) kitchen concoctions around here, if you’d like to go the DIY route, NYC-based hairstylist Jenna Pitocco let us in on her go-to recipe for a balanced, invigorated scalp—and it only contains four simple ingredients. 

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