AI Grow is a company specializing in process control for controlled-environment agriculture facilities, also known as indoor farms or greenhouses. It’s unique selling proposition? Open-source automation solutions tailored to each facility’s specific needs.

AI Grow’s approach stands out from the competition in several ways. Firstly, it emphasizes customization. Instead of offering off-the-shelf controllers, the company designs and builds custom software and hardware for each facility, considering its unique layout, growth plans, and end goals. This ensures optimal control over factors like irrigation, fertilization, lighting, and HVAC.

Secondly, it leverages open-source platforms, eliminating subscription fees and empowering growers with transparency and control over their systems. This approach fosters collaboration and innovation within the controlled-environment agriculture community.

The video below highlights AI Grow’s standalone lighting controller, which combines environmental data logging with light control capabilities. This integrated system simplifies data collection and analysis, enabling growers to make informed decisions about their crops.

AI Grow’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in their focus on advancing their software and automation solutions. They encourage potential customers to reach out and discuss their specific needs, showcasing their dedication to building lasting partnerships with growers.

AI Grow’s focus on customization, open-source platforms, and continuous improvement makes it a compelling choice for growers seeking efficient, sustainable, and adaptable solutions for their indoor farms or greenhouses.

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