DiDonato notes she has dinner with her husband in the evening—which is a protein, vegetable, and carb. (During pregnancy, lighter on the veggies and heavier on the carbs, she says.) 

“Dinner is usually some sort of protein and some sort of vegetable. I’ve been less on the cooked vegetable train while pregnant. We used to eat a lot of beets, broccoli, and asparagus, but I can’t even look at that these days,” she laughs. “So that’s what I used to eat when I was normal. So now it’s just like some sort of protein and a carb for me, or sometimes it’s just the protein at night. Cause my stomach is quite upset in the evenings for some reason.”

And then she ends the evening with a dessert: “We’ll have some ice cream, frozen yogurt, or I’ll make like my favorite almond butter cookies.” We’ll have to get the recipe on that last one. 

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