Keeping your collagen levels up to par is crucial for firm, taut skin.* And clinical studies have shown that collagen supplements are able to promote collagen and elastin production, as well as maintain healthy moisture levels and elasticity and manage roughness.*

Additionally, mbg’s formula is packed with antioxidants. If you really want to protect skin from oxidative damage and free radicals as you lounge over the long weekend, you must provide your skin cells with antioxidants internally.* Good news is, beauty and gut collagen+ contains all the key players: vitamin C, vitamin E, turmeric, and SGS.* Finally, the powder contains hyaluronic acid to enhance your skin’s natural hydration levels so you and your skin can feel refreshed as you sip.* 

The result? A frothy, subtly sweet cocktail that’s bound to become a fan favorite. (Here’s a hack: Remove the alcohol, and you’ve got yourself an equally yummy summer-inspired smoothie.)

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