We’ve covered that I love the design: It’s sleek and unsuspecting with a beige exterior that blend in with any surrounding decor. What’s more, the extremely convenient touchscreen turns off automatically after 30 seconds, as opposed to other appliances with glaring lights that might interfere with your sleep or aesthetic.

One albeit unnecessary but greatly appreciated feature is the built-in wireless charging station on top. Simply place a compatible device on top and it will charge right up.

I enjoy the optional glowing light that indicates how clean your air is (measuring the current concentration of PM2.5 particles), showing blue for good quality (0-15), green when moderate (16-35), yellow when unhealthy (36-75), and red when very unhealthy (76 or higher). When I first plugged mine in, it indicated that my air was unhealthy (42)—and I was quite impressed by the speed at which the device cleared the air. It took less than 10 minutes to bring it down to 1. 

For reference, PM2.5 measurement tells you the amount of matter in the air measuring 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter. We’ll note, there are other models (from this brand included) that offer additional air quality readings, such as PM10 (particles as small as 10 microns), VOC, CO, and CO2. Others even measure humidity and temperature. If those details are important to you, or you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, you might consider another device, such as those listed below.

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