Do you struggle to pick out clothes each day? Despite filling your Pinterest with cute ‘fit ideas, it can be SO hard to find something that feels looks good, suits the occasion, and feels comfortable. And then we have to do it again tomorrow? It’s enough to make you wish for an invisibility cloak!

These outfit decisions can all feel extra difficult when it feels like our body looks totally different every day, which always seems to happen around our period. Plus, it feels like there should be some rules to what you should and shouldn’t wear on your period, right? White pants, for example, seem like tempting fate for an unexpected leak. And maybe you’ve heard somewhere that you shouldn’t wear thongs on your period?

We’re here to lay down the law when it comes to what not to wear while on your period. You ready?

What Clothes Shouldn’t You Wear on Your Period?

Answer: Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

It’s that simple, really! You can wear anything you want on your period—as long as it makes you feel happy, comfortable, and confident. That can mean you rock extra fuzzy joggers all week or that you’re in a corset and miniskirt. There’s genuinely no medical reason not to wear what you want during your period. 

Now, if you’re worried about leaks, then maybe this isn’t the best time of the month to wear your very favorite, absolutely-cannot-be-machine-washed light-colored silk shorts. (There is a reason, after all, why many people keep their extra old, hole-y and permanently-stained underwear to wear as ‘period panties.’) But you can also avoid desperately looking up how to remove period bloodstains at the end of the day by switching your menstrual care choice!

Menstrual cups are a great option for this. Firstly, they are worn internally, so they collect blood before it ever gets the chance to leak over the edge of your underwear. And while a super tampon will hold 13ml of liquid, even our smallest Intimina cups easily beat that. Just check out our menstrual cup size chart! If you’re still feeling extra protective of your favorite outfit, you can always wear a liner as backup!

And There’s No Specific Material or Style of Clothing to Avoid?

We’re sure! Breathable, not-too-tight clothing helps some people avoid recurring infections like UTIs or yeast infections, but they’re not necessary for everyone. Just follow our advice for having a healthy, hygienic period and you can wear what you like. 

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