Are You Paying Too Much For Self Care?

Are You Paying Too Much For Self Care? Have you ever asked yourself why do Over The Counter meds cost so much? Many people have chronic health issues that require maintenance pills, i.e. they need meds on a daily basis for many years, potentially for the rest of their lives. So why do they cost so much?

They are not covered by insurance.

People use otc meds regularly throughout the year. Without the help of health insurance, it can really start to add up.

Most medications are transferred between multiple middlemen before getting to the pharmacy.

This often leads to markups of prices.

Ariel Kondov, the founder of Wellspring Meds, worked in a pharmacy since 2004 and would regularly strike-up a conversation with his customers.

And they’d drop comments that were hard to hear:

“These pills are really eating a chunk out of my monthly budget, but the doc put me on a maintenance plan, so here we are again.”

“Gosh, if it were prescription meds, my insurance would cover it, but I don’t have coverage for over-the-counter.”

And most often-

“Whoa. Why does this stuff cost so much?”

So how can people save money on their medications?

It’s the twenty-first century. People don’t have to get their meds from a pharma-chainstore, or even from their local drugstore. The bottles don’t have to pass through so many hands, with prices marked up at each transfer.

Ariel saw a need to offer OTC medications and supplements, at rock-bottom prices. And did that with free shipping and free returns. No catch. No fine print. Just 5-star service.

How is Wellspring Meds different from shopping for self care products on other platforms?

They try to offer niche products, not readily available from other sources. Additionally, they offer a no-hassle refund policy, and 24/7 customer service.

What is the range of products found at Wellspring Meds?

You can find products across the gamut of OTC space. We specialize in the following categories:

  • Digestive Health
  • Eye care
  • Allergy relief
  • Cough & cold
  • Pain relief
  • Sexual health
  • Supplements & vitamins
  • Dog supplements
  • Sleep aids

Can you find products commonly found on other platforms/pharmacies?

Yes you most certainly can, but their focus is on offering niche products that are either hard to find or very expensive elsewhere

What are the biggest complaints about buying otc medication?

People are often worried about the quality, especially for products made outside of the USA.

Many of Wellspring’s products are made proudly in the USA

Additionally, every product they sell is registered with the FDA and has an NDC (National Drug Code) which attests to its authenticity and ensures the highest standards were maintained in the production process.

For people with Chronic conditions:

Wellspring has a special program for these consumers where they offer the needed meds at large quantities so consumers can further save by stocking up for several weeks / months.

How does Wellspring Meds make Self Care products less expensive for consumers?

3 ways.

  • First: they cut out all middlemen and go directly to the manufacturers. In many instances they have exclusive agreements with the manufacturers and as such are able to secure rock bottom pricing
  • Second: they have very little overhead. It’s a family business with no corporate bureaucracy.
  • Third: Their profit margins are very slim. In fact, in many instances they price their products to merely break even. Their prices speak for themselves. Included in the price is free expedited shipping and 24/7 live support.

Does Wellspring offer products that help with fitness performance?

They have an extensive array of products in the health and wellness category. Close to 50 niche products. In fact, they have tasked our Product team to double our product offering within the next 6 months.

What kind of people would benefit from shopping at Wellspring Meds the most?

Their most valued customers are educated consumers. They believe in full transparency.

We are all busy. So why not avoid a trip to a pharmacy and waiting in line by having your meds or supplements delivered to your door at half the cost?

In many instances, a local pharmacy may not have such a wide selection as an online pharmacy. Wellspring has several warehouses across the country and typically ship the same day.

It’s a no brainer! Look at their 11K raving reviews with a score of 4.9 out of 5. That says it all.




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Are You Paying Too Much For Self Care?

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