The Original Resinator is a versatile machine designed to simplify the post-harvest processing of cannabis for cultivators. Instead of juggling multiple tools for trimming, sifting, and washing, the Resinator combines these functionalities into one unit, potentially streamlining workflows and saving time.

For those looking to gently trim their cannabis, whether fresh or dried, wet or live, the Resinator can handle it all. It’s designed to preserve precious trichomes, resulting in a smoother and tastier smoking experience. If kief isolation is your goal, the Resinator offers both dry and live sifting options, perfect for crafting concentrates or adding a potency punch to your flower.

The Resinator’s capabilities extend beyond basic processing. Its innovative live-dried smokable flower process has even garnered recognition, winning an Emerald Cup award. Additionally, the machine’s versatility allows users to explore a wide range of extract types, from shatter to rosin. To ensure users get the most out of this powerful tool, trained and certified professionals are available to offer their expertise and help master the Resinator’s intricacies.

Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator seeking increased efficiency or a newcomer looking for a comprehensive post-harvest solution, The Original Resinator offers a multi-faceted approach that could potentially elevate your cannabis operations. Check out The Original Resinator booth filmed on-site at MJBIzCon 2023 in the video below and learn more at

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