Nearly 40 million Americans deal with anxiety, per the National Alliance on Mental Illness. While there are plenty of tricks and tips for reducing anxiety, incorporating CBD into your routine is another way to evoke a sense of calm.*

“There are several reasons why CBD can help anxiety,” says Dave Gordon, M.D., who is double board-certified in both internal and integrative medicine, and an expert in medical cannabis.

“CBD helps our own endocannabinoid system work better, and a core function of that system is to help us relax. CBD also acts on the same receptors (e.g. GABA, serotonin) as many anti-anxiety prescriptions, but doesn’t contribute to the notable side effects they cause.”*

“In over a decade of working with cannabis for patients, improvement of anxiety is one of the most predictable and consistent responses,” he continues. “For those that consume CBD regularly, I see improvements in sleep, relaxation, stress management, and generalized anxiety. This is common amongst a variety of ages, underlying conditions, and types of anxiety.”

Like many aspects of cannabis-related medicine, clinical research is limited but increasing. There are several clinical trials showing improved anxiety symptoms among people with PTSD1, anxiety-induced insomnia, and social anxiety disorder (SAD)2. “Additionally, studies that assess patients’ opinions of CBD’s benefits consistently show stress and anxiety near the top of the list of symptoms,” adds Gordon.

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