If you truly want to cut through the noise and quickly find matches, OkCupid is the app to be on. OkCupid is known for asking detailed questions and connecting people over shared values. Like most dating apps, you create a profile by uploading photos and answering a few questions. Where OkCupid stands out though, is the ability to prioritize values or interests, and filter out those that don’t align. For example, the app asks you “could you date someone who doesn’t vote?” and then allows you to rate the importance of this question from “a little” to “very.” 

Once you’ve completed the questions, the algorithm gets to work and provides you with users who fit your preferences. The app even generates a “match score” for each user so you can immediately see how compatible you are with a given dater based on the questions you answered. Another unique aspect of OkCupid is that you don’t have to “match” with a user to send messages, you can chat with anyone.

Speak of variety and detail, OkCupid was the first dating app to offer dozens of selections for sexual orientation and gender options, and you can even meet new friends on the app.

This app is ideal if you don’t want to waste time Facetiming or going on dates with people only to slip questions about your dealbreakers into the conversation. OkCupid allows you to get your dealbreakers out of the way to see if a connection flourishes from there. Additionally, when you pay for a premium subscription, you’re able to see other uses who have already “Liked” you, send SuperLikes, and publicly see how matches answer questions. All of these features save even more of the little time you likely have for dating. 

Success story: “When we met in person we clicked right away and our first date lasted 12 hours. We were able to talk, connect, and have a great time. I love her personality and that she can always make me laugh and smile.” Matt & Jillian

Cost: OkCupid has tiered pricing. The first tier is free. Basic is $44.99 for one month, $23.33 for three months, and $14.99 for six months, and premium is $54.99 for one month, $28.33 for three months, and $22.49 for six months.

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