Oura is also constantly updating its technology, with close attention to how to more accurately measure metrics like HRV, body temperature, and time spent in different sleep cycles: light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep. With this data, the app provides you with a daily sleep score, activity score, and readiness score, along with expert- and science-backed tips to optimize your health and well-being. 

The readiness score, for example, is provided in the morning and helps you decide whether you want to opt for an intense workout, or prioritize rest and relaxation to help your body and mind recover. The sleep score measures how well you slept, taking into account the total time spent in bed, the time in each sleep stage, your resting heart rate, HRV, restfulness, and more. And the ring gives more holistic insights than just sleep.

It’s also a fitness tracker, accurately measuring your steps, workouts, training volume and frequency, as well as any time spent inactive or recovering. All metrics are viewable in the brand’s app, which is easy to use and regularly updated as the technology is enhanced. It’s worth noting that I truly love the fact that this is a wearable without a screen, because I certainly don’t need another screen in my life.

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