When you do want to buy new wool, consider it an investment piece. Take the time to do the research before deciding on the right choice for you.

“If you’re interested or happen to like a particular brand, you need to take the time to find out where their wool is sourced,” starts Artise.

Peek around a brand’s website to see how their animals were raised and how often they were shorn. Avoid companies that have been accused of mulesing, aka cutting crescent-shaped pieces of skin from the rear of the animal to prevent flies (and maggots) from creeping into the folds of its wool. It’s painful and harms the overall well-being of the animal.

On the processing side, go with pure wool that has not been chlorine-treated (AOX-free). If you can’t find information about a company’s wool online, Artise recommends writing in to ask about it.

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