Last but never least, we have Mercury in Pisces. These are the intuitive and vague thinkers/decision makers, with very fluid minds, according to Budd, who explains that they tend to be compassionate, spiritual, and unity-oriented.

With this Mercury placement, she says, people will pay attention to the downtrodden, homeless, animals, or anyone who may need protection. They’re gentle communicators, and may literally have soft and delicate (even “low volume”) speech, Budd explains. And while they may come off as shy, they are often imaginative, and could have writing or singing abilities.

Sometimes, however, they can have a hard time organizing thoughts or getting them out, and can also be prone to fear, distortion, and paranoia, Budd tells mindbodygreen. “They may be drawn to escape reality with movies, alcohol, books, TV, food,” she says, but they could also have a talent for working with the underserved, in film or TV, or as spiritual counselor.

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