You probably know retinol as the popular acne and wrinkle treatment dermatologists swear by, but did you know it can help prevent hair loss, too?

In this TikTok video, cosmetic dermatologist Noman Mohamed, M.D., applies a retinoid to his hairline and says it helps with thinning—and research backs up his claim. 

Specifically, one in-vitro study1 shows promise for the use of retinol for hair growth when combined with another active ingredient called minoxidil (a common addition to many popular hair growth products on the market). 

However, minoxidil can be quite irritating to the skin for some people, and retinol is also a common irritant for those with sensitive skin. This doesn’t mean it will trigger scalp troubles for everyone, but those with sensitive or reactive skin should proceed with caution and patch-test before you apply it to your entire hairline.

If you want to try something a bit gentler before opting for this method, consider adding rosemary oil to your hair care routine, as it’s been shown to be just as effective as 2% minoxidil2. Not sure how to use it correctly? This guide will help. 

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