I know this is the time of New Year’s resolutions, but if you aren’t feeling clear or excited about them yet, it’s OK to wait. 

For instance, I’ve been planning on putting together a group program about trusting your intuition for my community, and part of me is so excited about the ideas I have! But my body wants to rest, and I strongly feel the energy of slowing down.

Is it frustrating? Yes. But I know it would be even more frustrating to push ahead and be met with obstacles. (Also, what kind of intuition teacher would I be if I ignored this insight?)

That’s the thing about your intuition; when you listen to it, it saves you trouble in the long term. So, I recommend using this time to really feel into what you want to create over the next few months, and when you get that intuition hit to act on it, things will flow much easier than if you had pushed ahead earlier.

And on the topic of resolutions overall: I suggest quarterly versus yearly goals. Our inner child can get overwhelmed by the idea of a yearlong goal. Have you ever told a child to think about something being a year in the distance? Their eyes probably glaze over, or they feel like it will never happen. The same is true with your inner child. It’s not a concept they want to (or can) grasp.

I’m not saying you can’t want something to still be true a year from now, but if you think about the steps it takes to get it in a more short-term way, then it can feel more doable.

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