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Five-Ingredient Braised Chicken Thighs With Tomato & Horseradish

If there’s one cooking technique that’s synonymous with fall, it’s braising—and if there’s a protein that’s well suited to braising, it’s chicken thighs. The best thing about cooking this way is you don’t need a ton of ingredients for tons of flavor—just a bit of patience.

This simple recipe uses only five ingredients (if you don’t count the few pantry staples like salt, pepper, olive oil, and flour) but has plenty of zing thanks to horseradish. The pungent, spicy flavor fits right in with the slightly sour tomatoes and salty broth.

“This is a unique dish that utilizes a few ingredients and cooking techniques to create a comforting meal,” writes Rebecca White in The Ultimate 5-Ingredient Cookbook. “The horseradish and tomatoes, when cooked together, create a sauce perfect for braising chicken thighs. The lemon juice and zest complement the braising sauce and help to tie the dish together.”

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