As much as I love testing every new skin care product and device under the sun, I’ll admit I’m a bit lazy when it comes to developing a lasting routine. Again, if something doesn’t prove to be worth my time, it’s likely collecting dust in my beauty basket. Even when I see visible results, I don’t want to go out of my way to incorporate a product into my daily routine.

The HigherDose mask wins huge bonus points for how easy it is to integrate into my day. When testing other red light therapy masks, I had to carve out time to use their corded designs, forced to sit by an outlet (and stressed about the things that I should be doing instead). Luckily, this mask is wireless, making it a great option for multitaskers who need to knock out a report for work or prep for dinner. What’s more, the battery lasts for a surprisingly long time; I use the mask four times per week but rarely have to charge it. 

And if you’re intimidated by skin care tools, this red light mask is perfect for newbies and pros alike. You simply use the included remote to pick the length of your session—10 or 20 minutes—and put on the mask. Typically, I’ll use the mask for the shorter treatment time at least four times a week while reading or watching TV. Occasionally, I’ll even go full-on relaxation mode, which includes laying on my PEMF mat or using my Hyperice Normatec boots.

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