When people apply powder, they tend to sweep it on—almost like they were applying the product with a duster or broom. This motion can push the pigments out and away from the area you intended it for, resulting in some errant color elsewhere. You’ve likely noticed the most when applying eyeshadow: You know that dusting of powder that collects just below the eye when putting on your product? Yep, that’s the stuff we’re talking about. 

“If you suffer from a lot of fallout, press the product on the lid first,” she says while applying a delicious shade of sandy terracotta with a medium-sized eyeshadow brush in small dotting motions. “Really get it where you want it to be, and then blend. Do not apply and then blend straight away, because then you are literally just moving loose powder around on your eye.” 

And while this video was eye-look specific, we wager that the technique will do just wonders for your powder blushes, bronzers, highlighters, and even foundations. 

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