We’ll wager you, too, have woken up with bedhead at some point. Unless you have the magical ability to fall and stay asleep peacefully on your back, chances are you doze off with your face smashed into the pillow, perhaps tossing and turning throughout the night—which does a number on your hair (your skin, too, but you can read about that here). 

As a result, you may experience tangles, frizz, and splits, especially if you go to bed with damp hair; in some cases, you can even experience buildup from a grimy or sweaty pillowcase (gross, but true). And on a pure styling note, tousling the strands can create unfortunate bends and snags, which you may find only salvageable with hot tools or opting for an updo. 

Award-winning actor and producer Nicole Kidman—known for her gorgeous mane of defined, natural ringlets—has a trick to keep her slumber from messing with her ‘do. As she shares in a “Go To Bed With Me” video with Harper’s Bazaar, all it takes is a little hair oil and a go-to bedtime style.  

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