How The Ways Of Enjoying Sex Have Changed

How The Ways Of Enjoying Sex Have Changed : 2020 and 2021 were definitely years that no one expected. They started like any other, with expectations, goals and dreams. But the COVID-19 virus changed everything. Something so small has proven to have big and profound consequences globally. Massive job losses, confinements, isolations, business and company closures, and so on. Trying to determine them at the moment is very difficult, as it is affecting everyone at all levels.

However, for obvious reasons, one of the most affected sectors is the adult sector, and more specifically private escort girls in London. Something that is very easy to overlook. But sex has numerous advantages for oneself, as well as being a way to abstract from daily worries and relax. Not to mention how the whole pandemic situation affects emotions and sexual desire overall.

Is online sex better than real sex?

Like many other sectors, to avoid contagion, the online side of the adult sector has increased. In countries like Australia, for example, during the quarantine, sales of erotic toys skyrocketed. Masturbation, sexting, erotic chats, personalized videos and hot video calls with escorts have been the stars of the last years.

Due to the health recommendations to stay at home and keep the distance between people, sexual relations and physical pleasure as it was known has changed.

Somehow the limits of living sexuality have expanded. As well as exploring and discovering new ways to enjoy. But are these new ways as satisfying as the “traditional” in-person ones?

Leading international adult classified ad portal Skokka has conducted several studies to see how this whole situation has influenced sexual desire and sex workers all over the world and specifically in Latin America.

Is online sex better than real sex?
Is online sex better than real sex?

Has COVID-19 reduced sexual desire in Latin America?

Cases continue to rise in most countries, as protocols, vaccination plans and new measures are developed. That is why most of the encounters with escorts have been reduced. But the inhabitants of these countries continue to access portals such as Skokka, in search of satisfaction and pleasure.

For example, in Mexico, a country where it seems that cases are tending to decrease. Mexico City, Baja California, Chihuahua and Quintana Roo are the areas where most people have entered the Skokka website. These are contrasting states as they have a low incidence rate of the virus. While other areas with a higher number of infections such as Queretaro or Guanajuato have notably fewer visits from people looking for escorts in Mexico.

A similar situation is occurring in Peru. In this case, in addition to the department of Lima, the departments with more visits have been La Libertad, Cusco and Lambayeque. While the areas most affected by the pandemic, such as Arequipa and Piura, have had fewer visits to the page.

However, in other countries such as Chile, the opposite is true. Some say that the country is going through a critical moment with the virus according to the data. That is why some communes advanced and others moved back from the quarantine phase in the Step by Step Plan.

In this case, provinces such as the capital, Santiago, Valparaiso or Antofagasta are among the most visited and searched for Chilean escorts with virtual services in Skokka. At the same time, they are also the ones with the highest number of COVID cases these months.

The most searched for sex in times of pandemic

The most searched for sex in times of pandemic
The most searched for sex in times of pandemic

When it comes to pleasure, nothing has been written. There is a reason why it is said that there are different colors for different tastes and many ways to enjoy it. There exists a wide variety of desires, fantasies and fetishes, although some are more popular than others.

After a brief analysis of the searches made these months in the Skokka search engine, several conclusions can be reached. Some of which may reflect the ideal of the most desired woman in each country.

For example, it seems that in general, older women are preferred over younger women. Venezuelan and Colombian women continue to be very successful among the searches. But what is undoubtedly striking is the rise of new words such as “video” or “domicile”. Clearly, the reason for this rise and appearance in the TOP of searches performed on the escorts portal is due to the current situation.

In Peru, for example, “video” accounts for almost 8% of the searches in the TOP 10. Hundreds of men search daily among escorts in Peru for those who offer video calls or virtual services. In Mexico, by comparison, this is only 3%.

On the other hand, “domicile” appears in Chile with 5.53% of the searches.

This is why it is safe to say that COVID-19 has indeed changed sexual desire and the way of understanding and maintaining sexual relations. But how much influence has this had, and how long will this trend of change continue, and will it be possible to return to the previous “normal” when all this is over?

There are many questions that only time will answer. For the moment, people can only follow the health recommendations and be cautious. Because, as Skokka believes, pleasure is not the enemy of health. That’s why it works to continue offering opportunities to everyone who wants to enjoy it safely.





How The Ways Of Enjoying Sex Have Changed

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