Several elite athletes, including Megan Rapinoe, Rob Gronkowski, or Mike Tyson, regularly incorporate cannabis into their workout recovery routines. Research continues to emerge supporting the notion that people who use cannabis have high levels of physical activity. 

The International Journal of Exercise Science did a study on cannabis use among athletic populations where 44 percent of participants said they used cannabis before and after exercise, while another 26 percent said they used it solely after exercise. 

If you’re curious about using cannabis as an athlete or someone who works out regularly, this article will discuss the benefits of incorporating cannabis into your workout routine and best practices for getting started. 

Benefits of Incorporating Cannabis Into Your Fitness Routine

If you’re unsure about cannabis’s place in your workouts, maybe active cannabis enthusiasts and expert research proving the benefits of cannabis integration in workout routines will convince you. 

Puts you in the right mindset to workout 

Although exercise can reduce anxiety, many people experience worsened anxiety when they have to exercise or go to the gym. 

There are plenty of anxiety-provoking events associated with exercise that can trigger such a response, like being uncomfortable with your weight, not knowing how to do different exercises, and thinking people are judging you when you’re working out.

Using an edible, joint, or CBD topical 30 minutes or so before your workout session can help put you in a more positive, relaxed mind state, making for a more enjoyable fitness experience. 

The pleasant euphoria and sense of relaxation that people experience when they use CBD products and cannabis responsibly can be advantageous when it comes to gym or exercise-based anxiety.

Unlock a new dimension of well-being and exercise enjoyment

It was concluded in a study from the Journal of Cannabis Research that “the primary reasons for using cannabis before exercise were “helping to focus/concentrate” (66 percent), “helping enjoy the exercise experience” (65 percent), and “enhancing mind-body-spirit connection” (65 percent).” 

But a person who uses cannabis before they work out unlocks a new world of enhanced well-being and exercise enjoyment. There’s the potential to feel happier and more motivated, as well as more connected and focused on the good to come out of the workout. 

Enhance your recovery process 

Even if it’s a light workout, your body and mind may need time to recover. According to VeryWell Health, prioritizing recovery after such an experience facilitates: 

  • Mental relaxation;
  • The prevention of overtraining; 
  • Muscle recovery, replenishing energy stores and repairing damaged tissues.

Many people use cannabis to enhance their recovery. For instance, according to the National Library of Medicine’s systematic review on the efficacy, safety, and regulation of CBD on chronic pain, “CBD is an excellent alternative to an opioid in chronic pain because CBD is non-intoxicating in its pure form.”  

There’s evidence of cannabis’ role in reducing inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, and soreness, all of which are common after a workout. 

Sleep is also essential for recovery to take place. Taking CBD before bed can reduce stress and improve sleep quality and duration, aiding muscle, mind, and joint, recovery. 

Start With Safety at the Forefront  

Incorporating cannabis into your fitness routine can prove to be a positive move for your health and well-being. However, it’s essential to start safely. 

Instead of using cannabis while you’re working out, do so before you begin exercising or after you’re done. Also, remember, don’t overindulge before a workout. This can become very dangerous very quickly. 

Finally, you may want to avoid high-intensity and high-impact workouts and opt for low-impact ones. Low impact exercises are beneficial because they help you avoid injuries like sprains and strains and can accommodate a range of fitness levels. You can gain many of the benefits of exercise, including improved muscle mass, better endurance, and better strength with low-impact exercises. 

These types of exercises may also make it easier for you to experiment with cannabis usage in your routines.  For instance, you could opt to partake in an edible and then participate in a stationary bike class.  Rub a CBD cream into your muscles and go on a walk or hike. 

Yoga, dancing, running, and elliptical training are also low-impact exercises that will challenge your mind and body. 

Set Realistic Fitness Goals and Find the Right Routine

Whether you’re incorporating cannabis into your workouts or not, it’s essential to set yourself up to achieve your fitness pursuits. 

Make it easier to commit to fitness with realistic goals and the right routine. The right routine is one with exercises you actually enjoy and a schedule you can keep up with consistently. This could be hiking once a week, walking and biking 30 minutes a day, or doing a new exercise three days a week. 

Make incorporating cannabis into your workouts easy too. For example, you could smoke a joint of a relaxing, euphoric strain before your yoga classes. You could munch on a sativa edible before dance class. Or, you could drink a cannabis drink after each hike to recover, as it will help you enter a state of deep relaxation that may be able to aid with muscle recovery and mental rest mentioned above. 

Prioritizing fitness is much easier when your goals are attainable and your routine is something you enjoy.  

You already use cannabis for other positive impacts on your life. The benefits mentioned above make it worthwhile to try integrating cannabis into your exercise routine too.

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