First thing’s first: Figure out your aura colors. You can either get your aura photographed during an aura reading; or if that’s unavailable to you, you can also take our quick aura quiz to get a sense of your soul shade. You can also use color itself as a guide, says Merrick. “If you’re attracted to certain colors or repulsed by certain colors, they can tell you what you may be desiring, wanting, or afraid of having,” she explains. 

For example, if you have a sudden aversion to the color orange, she suggests you might be dealing with some social anxiety or fear of taking some sort of risk in your life. As a result, you might gravitate towards blue (the complementary color), which carries the message of trust, purpose, and wisdom. That said, think about what colors you naturally find yourself yearning for and proceed from there. Here’s a full list of aura colors and their meanings, if you need a refresher. 

Next, map out the makeup—and feel free to play up your creativity. “Aura eyeshadow is all about experimenting with the placement of shadow. For example: above the brows, extended to the temples, on the side of the bridge of the nose, and super high up on the cheek bones,” explains Davy.

She recommends layering powder eyeshadows over liquid formulas (like Half Magic’s CHROMADDICTION) for a really vivid, dreamy effect. “The liquid colors will bring the color intensity, and the powders will bring that super soft blending moment that you see in aura photographs,” she notes. “It’s that moment where colors softly blend into different (and sometimes unexpected) colors that gives the signature aura look.” 

While you can use as many colors as you please, it does help to set some sort of intention for your look: Who am I, and what do I want to express today? “You want to be clear about which energy you want to enhance and which you would like to borrow for the moment,” Michaela adds. A multicolored moment looks stunning, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re trying to portray a specific aura combination, “clear and concise is best, whatever that looks like for you,” she says. 

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