“Take a concealer and just do some tiny little spots around the face on any areas where there’s a blemish, redness, or discoloration,” Hughes says. Use a featherlight pressure, then build with more dots if need be. 

“I call this pinpoint concealing,” Hughes says. “It’s not my technique; it’s been around for a very very long time. I’m just the messenger,” she jokes. It’s true—this method may not be new, but it’s certainly different from the large under-eye triangles and long-stroke concealing we’ve seen in the past. 

“Delicately blend in all of those areas with a small but large eyeshadow brush (technically small face brush, large eyeshadow brush),” she says. And if you watch the before-and-after results in Huge’s video, you can’t even tell she’s wearing concealer.  

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