If you’re curious to know where in the world you’ll have the most luck in love, charting your personal astrocartography map is a great place to start—and there are plenty online resources to help you do so. (You can also, of course, have a reading with an astrology expert if you can’t make heads or tails of the admittedly confusing map.)

Once you have your map in front of you, the Venus line is what you want to look out for. The planet Venus is all about love, beauty, relationships, intimacy, and pleasure. Under your Venus line, it’s believed that you appear extra attractive and magnetic to others. So your Venus line, then, shows you where in the world you may have the best luck in love.

And before you start worrying if your Venus line falls somewhere super inconvenient (like the middle of the ocean), don’t fret. Astrocartography doesn’t suggest you’ll only have success in love under your Venus line, just that you’ll have more success there.

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