“The product typically works for all hair types,” Reavey says. “But [it] specifically targets concerns such as dryness, frizz, or damaged hair, working particularly well for wavy and curly textured hair to add some definition to the curl.”

Those with dry, coarse, or curly hair may benefit more from a thick, creamy formula, as it will contain rich plant butters and emollients that soften the hair.

On the flip side, those with straight or superfine hair may want to look for something with a gel-like texture, as a product that is too rich may weigh down the strands.

This is why some leave-in conditioners are specifically designed for curly or straighter hair types. But the average leave-in will be somewhere right in the middle.

“The formulations are deeply hydrating and often contain lightweight ingredients that have been specially formulated to leave all hair types feeling silky and soft without any added weight,” Reavey says.

What’s more, “For some, it is needed more seasonally; for others, it can be a daily addition to the routine (especially more dry, damaged, or tangly hair types),” Stollmeyer notes.

So if you don’t love the feeling of a leave-in product but find that your strands crave extra hydration in the fall or winter, you can keep it on a seasonal rotation.

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