The month’s upcoming quarter moon falls on January 14 at 9:10 pm EDT. As you may know, new moons are a time to set intentions and start on projects or goals, while full moons are a time to release what’s not working. With any last quarter moon between the full and new, then, the emphasis is still on releasing, so you have a clean slate by the time the new moon arrives. (Which happens on January 21, BTW.)

And in the case of this month’s last quarter moon, it will fall in Libra, a sign all about balance, peace, and justice. Meanwhile, the sun is moving through its last leg of Capricorn season already, and Mercury is retrograde (until January 18) in Capricorn as well.

Luckily, Mars is finally out of its retrograde period—and in the sign of Gemini—forming a harmonious trine with the moon in fellow air sign, Libra. With Mars direct once more, we may have a newly emboldened urge to tackle what we’ve been putting off. While the red planet was retrograde, things were definitely moving slow, and you may notice your energy and motivation coming back full force.

The planet of love and beauty, Venus, will also be trining the moon as it falls in air sign Aquarius, which is favorable energy for smooth relationship sailing—just keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde for just a bit longer, so we do still want to think before we speak and double check everything.

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