When it comes to consuming cannabis there are now more consumption methods and product types legally available to consumers and patients than ever before.

For several decades smoking cannabis flower was the most dominant way that people consumed cannabis. If someone was lucky, they might be able to get their hands on some hash.

These days, cannabis dispensaries have all types of ways to consume cannabis, from transdermal patches to edibles.

Flower is still a very popular form of cannabis, and many people continue to smoke it, however, many patients and consumers are using vaporizers instead.

How is a Cannabis Vaporizer Different From Smoking?

Cannabis vaporizers have been around for a number of years, yet their popularity has skyrocketed in the last 10-15 years.

That rise in popularity has been paralleled by an increase in the types of vaporizers available to consumers and patients. 

Some of the vaporizers are less than desirable, however, many are well-built and are sold at a price that is much more affordable compared to 20 years ago.

A vaporizer heats up cannabis to a point where it creates a vapor but does not result in combustion of the cannabis.

Combustion, which happens when smoking cannabis, is associated with health-related concerns that are not present when cannabis is vaporized according to new research.

Herbal Vaporization and Science

A team of researchers with the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health recently published an article in the Canadian Journal of Public Health.

The article is titled, “Are vaporizers a lower-risk alternative to smoking cannabis?” It explored the differences between vaporizing cannabis and smoking it.

“Cannabis vaporizer use can reduce the emission of carbon monoxide, chronic respiratory symptoms, and exposure to several toxins while producing similar subjective effects and blood THC concentration compared with smoking cannabis, holding potential for harm reduction among habitual cannabis smokers,” the authors stated.

When considering which consumption method is best for your situation, do your research and make sure to talk to a medical professional.

If you do decide to go the vaporizer route I suggest asking friends that have vaporizers about their experiences. Find one that suits your needs and doesn’t break your bank account!

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