The dream realm is also a place to connect and receive insight and information, just as signs and messages appear during waking life. “There is great wisdom to be learned when Lion appears in our dreams, especially when we get curious and engage our intuition to discern what message Lion is revealing,” says Harmon-Luber. 

Emotions play an important role when deciphering what the dream may signify, as well. “Negative dreams featuring lions can connect you to your fears, repressed instincts, and anxieties,” according to Aúgusta, who notes “If the lion is peaceful in your dream, it can be taken as a sign of luck and good fortune.”

Harmon-Luber also tells us about a powerful dream she had with a lion a couple years ago—and how it helped her gain perspective on what she needed to change in her life. “A lethargic, weary, unhappy lion was lying in a corner while lots of joyful activity was going on all around it,” she tells mindbodygreen. “I dreamt this at a time when I was overwhelmed working a demanding full-time job, writing my book, and basically burning the candle at both ends.”

The message was clear that she needed to make changes in her life. “The exhausted, sad dream lion—devoid of its typical strength, courage, and fierce vital energy—was a message that I needed to practice better self-care so I could reclaim my personal power and strength, and participate more fully in the joy of life,” Harmon-Luber shares.

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