Manifesting Generators are meant to use their energy by responding to initiations outside of themselves. Ruled by their sacral (the gut) center, Manifesting Generators are designed to use their energy in a binary way by saying “yes” or “no” to what lights them up. This yes-or-no response is how they access their energy.

Of course, as members of society, families, communities, etc., sometimes we have to make concessions. When making concessions or taking action out of alignment with a Manifesting Generators’ own yes or no, it’s important they ask themselves, Even if this is a no for me, am I responding to a higher yes here?

For example, it might be a “no” for a Man-Gen to do the dishes, but the doing the dishes and responding to a higher “yes” of living inside a clean home without stacks of dirty dishes keeps the Manifesting Generator within the scope of their energetic integrity.  

If it’s a beautiful day and a walk outside feels like a total full-body “yes,” the weather was enough to respond to. Or if there was a Manifesting Generator leader of a non-profit, as another example, so much of their energy, mission, and work is responding to an inequity they’re working to rectify.

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