Modern Healthcare reporters continued to look behind the headlines of 2022, digging into regulations, identifying trends, analyzing data and talking with decision-makers to better inform our subscribers. 

Want to catch up on a busy year for healthcare? Click on the links below to read some of our most engaging stories of 2022.

Health systems bet on hospital-at-home

Pioneering providers say the programs save money and preserve access to care, but some patient safety groups and unions argue the technology and data are insufficient.

Providers, insurers poised for ‘bloody’ negotiations amid inflation

Expect more contract disputes as labor and supply costs rise for providers, and payers look to curb premiums.

Coming to a contract negotiation near you: the No Surprises Act

Insurers are using the federal ban on surprise out-of-network bills as a negotiating tactic with in-network providers, who see this as a harbinger of lower payments.
Battling bottlenecks: Post-acute staffing shortages cause months of hospital discharge delays

Patients who are ready to be discharged to other facilities are forced to stay in inpatient beds, costing health systems money. 

Physician compensation trends could face years of uncertainty

Many healthcare employers’ payment structures are in flux, with experts forecasting a turbulent period.

Puerto Rico: The ‘canary in the coal mine’ for Medicare Advantage growth
For a glimpse of what high Medicare Advantage penetration can mean for payment, look to the territory, industry leaders say.

Policing and health: lessons from Minneapolis
Examining over-policing as a social determinant of health and what healthcare organizations can do about it.
A dirty business: How the medical device sterilization process sickens some to heal others

Hospitals need sterile medical devices and supplies to treat patients. But the companies that sterilize these products use a chemical that can expose communities to heightened cancer risk.

Hospitals prepare for cash-pay future

The No Surprises Act requires health systems to provide patients a good-faith cost estimate ahead of their services. At the same time, consumers are changing their expectations, with some choosing to fund their procedures themselves.

Private equity investors sharpen focus on specialty healthcare

More than 740 deals occurred in healthcare services in the first half of the year.

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