Research of the Week

More flavonoids, less cognitive decline (not the first time research has found such a connection).

Natural COVID infection seems to be pretty protective against future COVID infection.

Anemia on the rise in America.

Speaking of flavonoids, fisetin (a flavonoid found in apples, cucumbers, and strawberries) reduced COVID mortality in mice.

Using math to predict divorce.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 512: Tyler Cartwright: Host Elle Russ chats with Tyler Cartwright, back from the almost-dead.

Health Coach Radio: Eric Stein has created a place for coaches to share their digital presence.

Media, Schmedia

Is Canada embracing regenerative cattle ranching for carbon sequestration? Hope so.

Great documentary on the immense pressure Olympic athletes face, if you have HBO.

Interesting Blog Posts

Although the accuracy of lifespans in Blue Zone countries is in question, here is an interesting piece on their drinking habits.

A response to a response about real meat vs fake meat.

Social Notes

Food is more than calories and sustenance.


Everything Else

The “Atlantis” of the North Sea.

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t really into bathing.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Scary: Where have all the bugs gone?

Interesting post: Was ancient medicine that bad and ineffective, really?

Fascinating older article on AIDS and the corruption of medical science: “Out of Control.”

Interesting stat: 4.5% of the adult population are psychopaths.

Important: The interplay between sleep and the gut bacteria.

Question I’m Asking

What do you think about the prospect of psychedelics becoming mainstream?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jul 31 – Aug 6)

Comment of the Week

“I once walked a man off the Golden Gate bridge who was going to jump. I happened to be there just killing time before meeting some friends for dinner. I noticed he was distressed and behaving oddly (obsessively looking down at the water, not the gorgeous views). I chatted him up, walked him to a bench on the South end and sat down and listened to his tale of woe for about 40 minutes then gave him a ride to BART so he could catch a plane. I suppose the skills were just paying attention and empathy.”


Primal Kitchen Frozen Bowls

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