Research of the Week

No clear evidence that masks help against or prevent infection from respiratory illnesses.

Archaeologists unearth a giant 7-foot sword along with an enormous burial site fit for a … giant?

Status has deep roots.

Insulin and peripheral neuropathy.

The influence of kids on their parents.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Health Coach Radio: Jackie Fletcher

Media, Schmedia

Interesting thoughts on diet and the cause of obesity.

Nice talk on sleep, ketosis, and satiety.

Interesting Blog Posts

The canine model of artificial general intelligence.

How Steph Curry practices.

Social Notes

Gifted kids end up with less alcoholism, less divorce, and overall better “outcomes” except for more suicide.

Wagyu and contrast.

Everything Else

Impressive lions who ruled their region with an iron paw.

Young guys think they’re smarter than same age women, while older women think they’re smarter than same age men.

Everything is circadian.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Great thread: Problems with “satiety per calorie.”

Awkward: More beef, less depression.

Interesting article: Early Alaskan warfare was brutal.

Important findings: Neanderthals probably ate a LOT of elephant.

Also important: Neanderthals were genetically resistant to pee and sweat odors.

Question I’m Asking

How have your kids influenced or changed you?

Recipe Corner

  • Soubise sauce.
  • French onion chicken.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 28 – Feb 3)

  • What Are the Best Probiotic Strains?—Well, what are they?
  • Why Am I Waking Up at 3am?—Why?

Comment of the Week

“Eggs are still pretty easy to find here but a curious thing has happened. The price of local, pastured eggs has not gone up much at all – 0-50 cents a dozen. But low quality factory eggs have skyrocketed. Eggs from the local factory farms are pushing 8 bucks a dozen while organic/pastured eggs are the $6 – $6.50 they have been the last several years. Not sure how to explain this. Maybe the more responsible producers are not having the disease issues that factory farms are seeing. Not affecting my near-daily egg consumption at all, especially since a couple of our ducks started laying due to the freakishly warm winter this year.

-Good point, Jerry. You may be right.

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