Research of the Week

Higher post-op HbA1c levels predict recurrence of tears in diabetic rotator cuff repair patients.

Applying skin cream reduces oxidative stress in the body.

In the Mongolian empire, only elites consumed yak milk.

L. reuteri supplementation improves melanoma immunotherapy response.

People with non-alcoholic fatty liver are worse at processing medications..

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Health Coach Radio: Dallas Travers

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Thyroid Health with Elle Russ

Media, Schmedia

Bozeman, Montana schools to use local beef. More of this, please.

Methane suppressants for cows to curb climate change. Idiotic.

Interesting Blog Posts

A drink or two probably won’t kill you..

Why did human societies take so long to develop?.

Social Notes

How’s your sleep?.

Everything Else

Red light therapy for hay fever.

Thai curry paste guide. The best curries around, btw.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Not surprised: Amazonian rainforests managed by indigenous people are better at carbon sequestration.

Every time: Move it or lose it (or have it start hurting).

In the real world: Adequate choline and betaine mean less visceral obesity, the worst kind possible to have.

Fascinating: How frontier history is linked to current day gender norms in America.

Question I’m Asking

How are you sleeping these days?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 1 – Apr 7)

Comment of the Week

“I would say power is the most important attribute – the ability to make good use of the strength you have. It’s the middle ground between strength and endurance, and it feeds the training for both. Powerful movement is what separates elite athletes from ordinary competitors.

-Power definitely leaves us as we age unless we do our best to hold on to it. We can still be strong but lose the ability to generate as much power with that strength..


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