If New Year’s is about leaving behind the old and welcoming in the new, then we’re saying goodbye to boring and uninspired snacks in 2023. Instead, we’re refining the art of snacking with Wasa crispbreads. These game-changing snacks are so much more than a cracker. Wasa has been baking these Swedish-style crispbreads for over 100 years, starting with just a few ingredients—including whole grains, so you know they’re satisfying. But what makes them the star of our new year?

For starters, they’re famous for their hearty crunch—which, if we’re honest, is one of the key criteria of the perfect snack, or even a mini meal. And whether it’s the Thin Rye, Multi Grain, or Gluten Free flavor, these crispbreads are much larger than your average cracker. That means they stand up to any topping or spread (and feel free to test that out for yourself). Whether it’s a smear of zesty hummus or goat cheese—consider Wasa crispbreads your versatile base for endless snacking potential. There’s nothing they can’t do, but these are the crunchy combinations we’re most excited to snack on in 2023:

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