Fall is nearly here, which means we’re back into one of my favorite seasons for food: roasted root veggie season! And while simple baked sweet potato fries are undeniably delicious, these ones from Helene Henderson of the Malibu Farm restaurants, goes one step further. Get ready for the ultimate version of this classic side.

From her new cookbook, Malibu Farm Sunrise to Sunset, this recipe pairs baked pieces of sweet potato with a tangy tahini sauce and pomegranate seeds. On their own, sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A,┬ávitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6,┬ámagnesium, and┬ápotassium. Then the pomegranate seeds add antioxidants, while tahini offers some healthy fats to balance the dish’s nutrients.

Make it this weekend, bookmark it for the upcoming holiday season, or both!

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