Going back to a daily routine after a long summer vacation is complicated every time. Even the perfect formula from last year this year may no longer be valid. Every day of summer has changed you at least a little so the old routine is no longer useful. We all must return to the old place with new habits and experience.

To help you cope with this “post summer blues”,  the pandemic, commitments, jobs, and adaptation to colder weather, we’ve prepared a short guide to surviving after the vacation.  A lot of this back-to-school and work stuff is also pretty back-to-basics, but we recognize that you might need a little refresher course when meandering through the new normal.

Remember, Covid – 19 is still here! 

Before you start to panic and wonder how you’re going to keep it together, remember that you’re far from alone in feeling anxious. The entire world just went through a pandemic together, and it’s still not quite over yet. 

Mentioning your nervousness to a close colleague or classmate is likely to return sighs of relief, as your peers are probably hoping they, too, aren’t alone in feeling a little freaked out. While you keep your distance and do your mask, don’t forget to reach out to those around you (without actually, you know, being within reaching distance). The more we can lean on one another, the better everyone will feel, and the more we can all move forward together.

NHS England has a few suggestions if your back-to-school or back-to-work worries are getting in the way of your daily life.

Your peace is essential

This means few things. First, don’t be embarrassed or afraid to protect your health and wear a mask to class or work, even if you’re the only person doing so. Those around you have the right to decide whether or not they believe mask-wearing is necessary at this point in the pandemic, but you also have the right to keep your distance from those who choose to go mask-free. 

For your own safety, and the safety of those with whom you might live, we recommend wearing your mask at all times whenever you’re out and about.

Read up on the Johns Hopkins Medicine’s guidelines for properly handling your mask to maximize its protective benefits.

Second, and not less important, stay quiet for as long as you need it. Namely, some people need they own space during the first week of work. If you areone of those, do not hesitate to say you need time to adapt to the group. Find your peace, turn on the quiet ambient music and slowly finish one task after another. After a few days you will be more ready for socializing with colleagues. And communication will be relaxed and easy, not stressful and tense.

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Let’s Repeat it One More Time: Take it Easy on Yourself

Whether you’re chomping at the bit to get back to assignments and projects, or you’re feeling exhausted just thinking about checking your inbox, do your best not to overwhelm yourself with classes or work right away.

It’s understandable that your brain might not be in tip-top shape after this year’s weird summer of isolation and long hiatuses from pretty much everything we normally do. Now is definitely the time to slow down and make sure all your loose ends are tied up before sending that email or turning in that big project.

Double-check your math and grammar, clean out your email inbox, and don’t forget to check your spam, and re-read whatever you were going to send your teacher or boss. Plan as far ahead as you can so you can take your time and not rush through your work.

You might even be mentally exhausted before classes or work starts up this Fall because, well, you’ve just lived through an extremely stressful pandemic.

If you’re finding yourself more forgetful, tired, and clumsy than usual, or you’re feeling just plain “off,” Healthline has a few tips for, as they say, “un-frying” brain.

Keep Up with the Basics of a Healthy, Clear-Headed Day

We know it’s been a while since you last had a “normal” day, so you might have forgotten some of the most simple practices that ensure a clear mind and healthy body year-round.

If you’re struggling to get into a good work or study flow, there’s no need to run a marathon or cook a 3-course meal to get your body and brain back into gear (unless, of course, that’s your thing).

If you’ve lost all hope of concentration, try centering with a 10-minute meditation, quickie exercise routine, or a short walk outdoors. Drinking a glass of water or eating a small snack might also be the cure if your body is low on hydration or food energy. When all else fails, a nap might be just the ticket to refreshing the ol’ head.

Seriously, it’s that easy, folks.

Create an Honest Discussion with Your Superiors

Your teachers or superiors at work have a responsibility to keep you safe. If you’re at all unsure of how daily activities, classes, or other related, in-person communications will be handled, open a conversation with an email.

If they haven’t done so already, your concern will likely open the door for discussions that will affect and benefit your peers at school or work. Managing a classroom or group of employees will require a lot of workarounds and exceptions to keep everyone safe.

However things fall into place, your superiors need to have plans in place to maximize your learning and success without putting you and your peers in harm’s way.

The American Center for Disease Control has compiled a checklist for elementary students and their parents concerned about COVID protections in schools, but these tenets of safety can also be highly valuable to anyone re-entering daily life this Fall season.

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