Today is the day!

By now, you should be doubling the amount of pull-ups you started with. If not, guess what? That’s okay! While our quests have designated time periods, yours can continue! Keep stretching, stay consistent and don’t give up.

If you’re finished with this quest, congratulations! You did it! Are you ready to start another Fitness Quest?

Keep maintaining this routine so you can keep your upper body strength sharp and your form tight. A few key mistakes people make when they forget or get lazy are:

  1. Excessively using momentum.
  2. Internal rotation of the shoulders.
  3. Placing your elbows too far in front of your body.
  4. Pulling with hands instead of your elbows.

Are you up for another challenge? Stay tuned for more Oxygen fitness quests here. If you want to continue this quest journey, try running through the steps again and earn your Badassery Badge!

Badassery Badge

Think you’re a badass? Want to take it to the next level?

Rather than doing standard pull-ups every workout, change it up! Try swapping your standard overhand grip for variations like underhand or switch-grip pull-ups. You can even add towels to hang on to for increased grip strength.

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