Motion Isolation: 5/5

I can’t say enough about the motion isolation on this mattress. When I first felt the Purple RestorePremier mattress I thought it might be too soft, but every sleep I’ve had has been amazing! I usually toss and turn a lot at night, and in the past week of having the mattress I’ve been shocked to find myself waking up in the exact position I fell asleep in. Instead of moving around all night trying to get comfortable, it feels like the mattress is actually adjusting to me. 

Even when my partner and I go to sleep and wake up at different times, my sleep is uninterrupted. I use an Oura Ring to track my sleep and notice significantly less movement throughout the night.

Responsiveness: 4/5

Similar to the way we test mattresses in our studio, I used a weight to see how responsive this mattress was. This test helps determine how easy it is to switch positions throughout the night, and to get in and out of bed. There was a bit of a spring to the mattress when I dropped down the weight. It did sink in a little, but the mattress bounced back pretty quickly. 

While I haven’t been moving as much throughout the night (praise be!), In testing the mattress I felt it was fairly easy to move positions. The firm model offers more bounce-back than the soft, which is something to keep in mind depending on what you’re looking for.

Pressure Relief: 5/5

I have the grid design to thank for this mattress’s excellent pressure relief. As soon as I laid down on the bed I could feel my back, neck, and shoulders breathing a sigh of relief. I notice this the most when sleeping on my side, but feel it on my back as well. The hybrid design is also responsible for this, with individually-wrapped coils to keep your body supported. 

Edge Support: 4/5

This RestorePremier mattress has multiple layers contributing to the edge support. I laid on my side, back, and stomach near the edge of the bed and felt supported in every position. I did feel a bit of a dip when I was on my stomach, but for the most part the edge support is great.

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