Cuticle care isn’t just about looks (although, frayed, rough skin does take away from an elevated mani). Your cuticle has an essential function, too: This means when your cuticles are in less than ideal condition (dry, peeling, etc.), that function will be affected as well. 

“If the cuticle compromise persists, the nail will eventually grow in irregularly,” board-certified dermatologist and nail expert Dana Stern, M.D. once told mbg. “This is because the cuticle overlies the nail matrix, which is the nail-producing center of the nail.” To sum it up: Cuticle care is essential for thriving, long nails.

So while cuticle oil might seem like a frivolous addition to your routine, let us be very clear—it’s not. In fact, you should be using it daily. If you don’t have one on hand already, here are 10 A+ oils to choose from.

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