“I think the results of the different studies encourage the baseline thought that the gut microbiota is of importance not only for physical health but also for mental health (via the gut-brain axis),” Witteman tells mindbodygreen.

While it’s exciting to see probiotics being used and tested against severe conditions like AD, science still has a ways to go when it comes to validating these early findings. There’s an interesting path ahead, as research has yet to meaningfully examine related factors like the effect of prebiotics on AD.

Plus, it’s always encouraging to have studies reconfirm the idea that supporting a healthy gut promotes our body’s ability to prevent and fight disease, which functional and integrative medicine doctors have been asserting for decades. 

“An interdisciplinary approach to investigate the interactions between host and microbiota could potentially lead to a strategic advance in treatment and prevention of AD in future,” writes Witteman.

The research on the benefits of probiotics for diseases like AD is still emerging, but there are plenty of reasons to consider probiotics as a key part of your health toolkit right now.

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