Let’s be clear: If you already swear by skipping a morning cleanse, then don’t worry about changing up your routine. Some skin types, particularly dry and sensitive skin types, may benefit from a simple water rinse in the morning rather than a full cleanse. 

However, Rouleau suggests considering a morning wash for the sake of serum efficacy. See, when you apply heavy, occlusive night creams and oils to the face in the evening, a simple splash of water might not fully wash them away. 

This occlusive layer may even block other ingredients from penetrating into the skin and working their magic, like vitamin C, for example. Rouleau mentions that in order for this popular brightening ingredient to work, it has to be able to actually reach the skin. 

So, washing off any residual skin care layers from the evening before may help this serum (and other products you use in the morning) be even more effective. 

That being said, you don’t have to do a double cleanse with micellar water or an oil cleanser first, as there’s no stubborn SPF or makeup to remove. Simply splash your face with water, apply your cleanser, and follow the rest of your normal morning routine.

If you notice your skin begins to get dry, consider switching to a hydrating gel or cream cleanser if you don’t have one already. 

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