Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC, a leader in facility design and equipment for cannabis and controlled environment agriculture, announced a partnership with Hydrobuilder Holdings LLC Friday. 

The strategic alliance is a non-equity partnership that combines its industry-leading controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems engineering and technologies with Hydrobuilder Holdings’ expansive commercial-first omnichannel platform.

Hydrobuilder Holdings was initially formed through the acquisitions of, GreenCoast Hydroponics, and Elevated Equipment Supply. More recently, it has acquired Way to Grow, Home Grown Ventures (HGV) Nutrients, and New England Hydroponics.

Together, the six businesses create an omnichannel retailer of specialty agriculture and hydroponics equipment and supplies.

“We have worked closely with Tony and the Surna team over the past few months to establish this value-added alliance that brings quality, convenience and simplicity to our customers,” said Dustin Bertram, Hydrobuilder Holdings’ Chief Commercial Officer.

“Hydrobuilder Holdings brings decades of experience and a broad and deep catalogue of leading cultivation products, and we’re excited to expand our offerings to include Surna’s leading design services and HVACD products. The strength of our brands, combined with our technical expertise, industry knowledge and channel coverage will be a huge benefit for our customers.”

Since its acquisitions, Hydrobuilder has secured 22 retail locations and 10 warehouses serving the $12.5 billion indoor and outdoor CEA and hydroponics industry, currently focusing on the $3.0 billion North American CEA market, and serving the entire spectrum of customers from hobbyists to the largest commercial growers through its online, retail and warehouse direct channels. 

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The partnership effectively creates a one-stop shop for customers, providing all the necessary equipment for a cultivation facility from airflow to aeroponics. 

The alliance combines the strong architectural expertise, MEP design services, and, curated line of HVACD products from Surna with Hydrobuilder Holdings facility programming (layouts) and deep catalogue of related consumables and equipment.

“Solidifying this relationship with Hydrobuilder Holdings is a breakthrough achievement for Surna,” stated Tony McDonald, Chairman and CEO of CEA Industries Inc.

“Our combined offering can fully serve our customers with every conceivable service and product they would need to build out or refurbish an indoor cultivation facility. I am confident this will not only be of great value to our customers but will be a great source of growth for both our companies.”

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